Self-Medication Manual

Dear holders of master’s degrees in pharmacy, pharmacy technicians, colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry and all other members of the professional community, the online edition of the Manual of Self-Medication went online in November of 2018. The digital version provides greater accessibility to the content. It also provides a means of quickly and simply updating the content. The incorporated search function makes finding chapters and key words easier. All you need to do is type in a word or part of a word and the search function will find and provide a selection of all chapters in which the sought word or its root is found.

The online design of the Manual follows the printed version as much as possible and in that way, we believe that users of the printed edition will navigate the content easily and also those who decide to only use the digital version. Over a period of two months, over 500 users have decided to register and use the online version of the Manual. We are exceptionally glad that that number is increasing every day. Even now we are making changes and revisions to certain chapters, which will be immediately evident in the online edition. Clicking the menu link Contact opens the option allowing you to send us comments. Your comments are welcomed and will help us to make the new version of the Manual even better, more adapted to your needs.

We send you our cordially greetings and hope that we will soon adapt the online version of the Manual to make it even more interactive.